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     Do you hear something buzzing in and around your house? You might have bees in a wall, bees in a tree, bees in in the eave of the roof or maybe bees in the chimney.  This might be the very first time that you have ever had bees move into your home.  The good news is, we can make it the last time for you.  We love our are bee removal specialists.   Our beekeeper bee removal guys will come out the same day you call and remove the honey bee hive from your structure and warranty your home.  We specialize in live honey bee removal in Houston and when necessary we sometimes have to exterminate bees.  Houston bee removal is all we do.  So don't call a pest control company that will just spray the outside of your home and tell you that's that.  Call us now and we'll walk you step by step on how we can remove the honey bees fast and safe.  Our bee experts are trained in carpentry.  I like to call it bee carpentry. 

     Bee removal  should be the only option that you go with.  Please try to avoid just killing them.  When the bees die, the honey is left vulnerable to other pest like ants, roaches and rats.  They love the sweet taste of honey, and after lunch at your home, they might decide to stay and make your home theirs too.  The honey can also cause other problem especially when it gets hot outside.  If there are no bees to keep the hive cool the wax will start to melt if the temperature gets above 90 degrees outside.  Once the wax begins to melt, the honey will start pouring out and where do you think it will go.  Usually, the hive is inside your wall or between your floors, which means they are in the ceiling.  The melted wax and the warm honey will spill onto you ceiling and run down your wall causing damage.  My recommendation would be to just get the Houston beekeeper bee removal guy to solve this for you. 

After we remove the hive from your home.  We will scrape it clean, wash it out and sanitize it.  We include the repair work and warranty with every honey bee hive removal.  We are insured and bonded.  We are licensed in the state of Texas.  We love what we do and hope we can serve you.  

Always research on an extensive and free directory of bee removal  experts in your area, to get the job done by highly rated experts and to discover affordable services. 


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